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In this community we believe: All women are notable exactly as they are Water is life Healthcare is a human right All sexual orientations and gender identities are valid and respected People and planet over profit Love is love Black lives matter Disability rights are civil rights Science is real Climate change is also real No human is illegal Women’s rights are human rights Women have agency over their bodies Trans women are women; trans men are men. Diversity is magic. Normal wasn’t working. We can forge a new path. Together. Please join us at

We’re so happy that you’re here! And we imagine you didn’t click on the about page for your health so let’s get right to it:

What is this, exactly?

First and foremost, this is a podcast, online community, book club, and summit for folks who are looking to get a seat at the table or build their own. The underlining premise to our work is that you are already worthy as you are, without the “too fat” or “too talkative” or “too bitchy” or whatever else you’ve been told your whole life. That evolved into workshops, then courses, then programs, and now coaching and a membership. Those tools are most likely used by people pivoting into new career fields, job seekers, leaders, and business builders.

Who hangs out here?

Our members are creative, original thinkers who recognize that they are inherently worthy just as they are. They are full of intellectual curiosity, they are strong and capable leaders, and they want to make the world a better place through their work, community service, and family. But they also recognize that life is more than work and also strive to rest and have fun too.

Trans women are notable women. People who identify as men and center a feminist perspective also belong to our community.

We subscribe to the definition of feminism as defined by Charlotte Bunch, in which she noted feminism as “a political perspective is about change in structures – about ending domination and resisting oppression.”

Where should I start?

You could listen to the podcast, check out the online community, or join the Book Club.

If you’re interested in a new job, you might want to check out my workshop “Decisions & Discernment,” a 3-day experience that you can complete over a day, a week, a month, a year – whatever works for you. Check it out here.

Why did you start this?

Cristin here. Great question! Originally one of the biggest reasons was that I was tired of women I knew not accepting compliments, or not telling me about whatever awesome thing they had going on, or constantly running themselves through the ringer because they weren’t 100 lbs or didn’t have kids or had too many kids or had a job and left their kids or stayed at home and didn’t have a job…. and oh my gosh, can’t women just exist!?!?! And then I realized more than anything, women are allowed. Allowed to exist. To take up space. To breathe, to love, to laugh, to talk, to yell, to scream, to curse and more. Women are worthy, just as they are.

Typically, I’d leave it at that, but a few more thoughts have evolved over time. I’ve always believed that anyone who identifies with being a woman is a woman. Over the years since I started this platform, Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism has grown exponentially so I’d like to explicitly add that trans women are women, and they are welcome here. Those who exclude trans women from their communities are not welcome here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the trend, I recommend this excellent piece by Judith Butler on how the anti-gender movement unites authoritarians across the globe. Read The Guardian piece here.

Additionally, as time has gone on, I’ve become less interested in binaries. Biology is not binary, gender is not binary. I’ve also had my fair share of comparisons of this platform – because of its former name and past content – with girl bosses and toxic positivity. That’s absolutely not the shelf where I want my albums housed. As we move forward, this platform strives to make impact without neatly fitting into personal development, career, or online business niches.

What do you envision this platform doing or being?

We believe that our capacity grows through conversation and community with each other. We believe that the current social media landscape makes interesting conversation difficult and difficult conversation impossible. We must step out of the traditional social media zingers because of the power of our words. Conversation must be shared because it heals the speaker through the telling, and through the hearing, heals the world. As we hear the stories of our community, we connect, and through our connectedness, we see that all humanity is interconnected, and what happens to one happens to all. As conversation leads to connectedness, that connectedness leads us to act, allowing us to be a catalyst for good in the world.

To summarize: conversation + community > connectedness > capacity = catalyst

What could that catalyst be? That depends on you. Maybe it’s working for someone else and having the financial freedom to engage in mutual aid. Maybe it’s working for someone else, having a seat at the table, and using your voice to create a more equitable organization. Maybe you’re starting your own business, or maybe you’re a stay at home parent or caregiver or 9 to 5-er looking to start a passion project much like Cristin with this one. Each and every one of the catalysts matter if we’re going to get free together.

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Are men welcome here? Do you work with men?

People who identify as men are most definitely welcome here! Men are members of our community where we center a perspective that we get free together, and that men are not more free in toxic patriarchy.

And yes, Cristin regularly coaches men for executive, pivoting, job search, and business building reasons.

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I would love to work with you but can't afford it. Do you have any ideas what I can do?

Thank you for asking this! There are absolutely free options for you. First and foremost, you can listen to the podcast. You can do that right here, and the podcast is available on most platforms. Next, you can join the free group. Cristin holds an “Ask Me Anything” there once a month. (You can also ask questions anonymously with “Dear Cristin.”) The newsletter/membership is the most low-cost way to get support at $10/month. You can join here.

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Who founded this platform?

Ah, yes, another great question! Cristin here, and this started as my passion project before becoming my business. I am a producer and theatrical thinker. I’m an activator and technician, a storyteller and truth speaker, a connector and bridge builder. I have an aversion to bullshit, am incredibly transparent and authentic, and have absolutely zero poker face. I believe we are not judged by what we say or think but by what we do, and I am energized by possibility. I also believe, as the great Desiree Adaway always says, that we get free together. We decide what’s next.

On a less intense note, I’m a bookworm (mysteries and YA are my faves), newsie, pizza / wine / ice cream / brunch lover, budding comedian, and former theatre professional with a decade + in the wings. It should be noted that I believe expletives are illustrative and effective. Mama to a tiny mischief maker, I hold down the fort in New York with my husband Mike and a small pack of furry friends.

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Heyo, I'm Cristin!