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Like so many people I work with, I had some wildly unrealistic expectations about work when I first started my career. I thought if I did what I was “supposed” to do, I would get paid well enough to have a family, go on vacation now and again, and build up savings. Not avocado toast for breakfast money, but maybe once a year Jersey shore money (Philly born btw).

Ha! What a sweet summer child I was.

I quickly learned that our relationship with work is way more complicated and a lot of factors would actually dictate whether or not I had the money for vacation, let alone the approval to take the vacation days!

Over 40 Jobs in 40 Years

And so, I went on a work quest. I changed careers. I pivoted. I started over. I side stepped. In over 40 years, I worked over 40 jobs. I’ve worked in insurance, healthcare, architectural lighting (really enjoyed this one), private K-12 education, entertainment – amusement parks and casinos, non-profits, higher education, and even manufacturing. There’s probably a few I’ve blocked out because of #trauma. In addition to working in over a dozen industries, I’ve also done everything you could possibly do in hiring – sourcing, recruiting, being the hiring manager, doing culture fit interviews, sitting on so many panels, being the one over supervisor, and having a 100% reference success rate. Always an outsider, even when on the inside. I’ve also oddly enough been a manager since I was 16 running the high school stage crew (big wave to the theatre kids). I have extensive experience in mentoring, coaching, new manager training, job training, workforce development, and learning and development.

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My Biggest Pivot

Because of all of the above, I spent 10 years coaching people on the work world for free (my own version of fun, I guess) until I got laid off from my higher ed job in 2020 in my organization’s 4th round of COVID layoffs.

I stared at a wall for at least 2 months, and then tried to figure out what to do next. Luckily for me, Christie Nadratowski asked me to come out of my lethargy to coach her, and the rest is history – the history of this business.

Now I coach on everything related to work – performance improvement, PIPs, new management, upskilling, etc. – and everything related to the job search – career pivots, career changes, job search strategy, interviewing, negotiations, offers, resigning, and starting over in your new job and everything related to building resiliency in this world – building a business alongside your 9 to 5, doing freelance or contract work, or working a J2 (a second full-time job on top of your 9 to 5).

Imagine what life could be like if we reoriented our relationship to work.

Ultimately, getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wouldn’t have left otherwise. My whole relationship to work has been reoriented, allowing me to separate my worth from work, and reimagine my life. I believe through this practice – reorienting our relationship to work, separating our worth from work, and reimagining our lives – we can remake the world.

This change has been amazing for me, and I wish the same for you, whether you work with me or work on your own.

Could I Help You?

What You Can Do Here

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One-On-One Coaching

Work with Cristin one-on-one through one of her coaching frameworks to:

  • Change careers
  • Find a new job
  • Start your own business
  • Create the space in your life to do something new
  • Step into your leadership
  • Become a better people manager
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Work through proven systems in your own time to land extraordinary outcomes:

  • The Pivot Process
  • The Job Seeking System
  • Interview Immersion
  • Build Your Own Table
  • Space to Create
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Short courses focused on solutions to your specific challenge allowing you to learn techniques, apply insights, and get results in record time:

  • Create your resume
  • Make an adjustable cover letter
  • Optimize your LinkedIn
  • Get more leads from LinkedIn
  • Add your business to your resume
  • Work well with ATS
But You Aren’t An HR Person?

It’s true! I am not an HR person, and when I first started coaching in the work space, I was somewhat surprised that the world was dominated by former recruiters and HR professionals. In my personal experience as a pivoter, recruiters were the gatekeepers I needed to appeal to before I could move forward to the decision maker. And HR folks protected the company, not the employee.

For traditional job seekers, working with these folks makes absolute sense, but if you’re non-traditional – or a little bit weird as I say (and I am btw) – you’re not going to find a lot of momentum from these folks because they don’t understand you. They will mostly position non-traditional job seekers as career changers, or worse, tell you to go back to school!!

It’s not that we can ignore what these players think. Instead, pivoters need to do everything traditional job seekers do, but like Ginger Rogers – backwards and in heels! If we don’t know the traditional “rules,” we can’t move forward.

Imagine what the world would be like if we reoriented our relationship to work.

Let’s Get Personal

I’m from Philadelphia, PA but have lived all over the US because of my professional theatre career (was even a member of the union for theatrical actors and stage managers). As a result, I’ve replaced the second person plural of my youth “youse guys” with “y’all.” Infinitely better! Besides that, my Philly accent is pretty loud and proud. Also lots of expletives (sorry, but also not sorry).

Speaking of Philly, I would wrestle you for a soft pretzel, but as a theatre kid, don’t get too wild about the sportsball. But there’s something in the blood that makes me yell at a TV when Philly teams are playing, I can’t help it.

Now I live in NY with my husband, adorable small human known on these internet streets as “The Bean,” and two cats, a Mama and her baby, who is in the teenage destructive phase.

I walk every day for at least 30 minutes as a daily commitment to movement and being outside.

I love the news, disaster movies, mysteries, reading (libraries and book stores are heaven on earth), tarot cards, baking, making pizza, wine, whiskey, and being cozy. If I had to pick one above all else, it’s cozy FTW.

I accept all joke memes and reels on IG. Find me here.

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