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Are you ready to have a resume you're excited to share?

You could spend hundreds of dollars for someone else to make a resume that doesn't fit you or describe you, OR you can create your own that's a great fit for your goals and you.

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I too used to struggle when I had to create or update a resume

Why does creating or updating a resume feel like pushing a boulder up a hill? Could it be because... it is exactly that?

Cristin Downs from Work and Worth Coach here. I definitely sweat when I had to make my own resume, but then people started wanting my help with theirs– yikes! Because I am an Obliger (Gretchin Rubin's Four Tendencies, anyone?), I helped. And what started as painful slowly wasn't.

I discovered that almost every knowledge worker role included the same types of job functions, and almost every industry was impressed by the same accomplishments – a resume creation system was born!

Common reasons people fail at making their resume

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They can't get started

Either because their job is slowly sucking their soul from their body, they don't know what to do first, or their life is so overwhelmingly busy with kids and caretaking – so many would-be job seekers can't get that resume document open, let alone start typing in it.

They aren't sure what to do

If folks actually get to the open document, the next problem hits them. They aren't sure what to include, also what NOT to include, and then they're wondering if there are new formatting rules, and a terrible thought breaks in, "DO I NEED MY PICTURE ON MY RESUME" (No, you don't - don't do it!).

They don't know who to hire

Having problems with actually getting started and what to include sends a lot of people throwing up their hands and looking to hire help. But whom should they hire? And what kind of role are they even looking for? Also one resume is a couple hundred bucks, and I hear on LinkedIn, I probably need more than one (This actually is true).

"Partnering with Cristin to craft my resume was an excellent experience from start to finish. I was at a loss with how to approach it all after resigning this past December from a eighteen year long career, and considering a complete career change. My former position was unique, and thus challenging to capture for potential employers outside of my field.

Cristin captured the essence of me and beautifully highlighted my strongest skill set by teasing out my core strengths, which can now be more universally applied to a variety of roles. Coupled with this she created three versions of a resume to utilize in various roles as I explore where I want to go next."

Amy Scaglione

This course will teach you the exact system *I* use to make my client resumes

This system has created thousands of resumes for hundreds of clients and generated millions of dollars in increased salary for my clients. I work through my recommended style, which is a chronological resume, and my recommended formatting, which is formatted for the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) that your resume will encounter. 

And then I work you through three different approaches for you to get that resume out of your brain and into a document, and all the different ways you can revise it to make the biggest possible impact.

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So... how will my course impact you?

Before you complete this course:

You're confused about what's important to include and what's not important to include on your resume
You're having a hard time talking about your work, let alone framing it in a way that makes you sound like the kind of candidate a company wants to talk to
You don't know how to get metrics and accomplishments on your resume – two things you know you're supposed to have
You're not confident sending anyone your resume, especially when a friend says they want to send it to one of their contacts

After you've completed this course:

You know exactly what to include, what not to include, and what makes sense to include in certain circumstances
You know exactly how to talk about your work in a way that highlights what makes it important and interesting
You have techniques and strategies to identify your metrics and highlight your accomplishments
Your resume feels great, and you're actively seeking out places to send it through your network

Create Your Resume

The everything course you need to have the resume you need for today's job search

Create Your Resume is a simplified system with techniques and tactics to create a resume that speaks to your experience, highlights your expertise and accomplishments, and works well with the modern systems that will greet it.

What the course covers

Every aspect of resume creation, from strategic approaches to get started, what to include from your work history, how to avoid common biases, and the ways to make your resume stand out (think adding accomplishments and not printing it on a cake) is covered in this short course.

Everything you need to know about the process your resume will go through, what are the types of resumes and which you should absolutely avoid, and best practices to protect yourself from common scams
A complete set of versatile questions for you to answer that get to the heart of what's important about the work you do at your job
Common resume problems and how to address them

Lessons, real examples, and real-time walk-throughs
– all covered in less than 90 minutes!

Full transcripts generated by AI & edited by a human

Examples, examples, and more examples for every aspect covered

Short videos with speed control, captions, and quality control

Hot topics addressed and common questions answered - directly by me

Bonuses you'll get if you join today

Personally, I love getting extra fun stuff, even more so when it's super useful, like that extra pickle with your sammie. In this case, I find these bonuses so incredibly useful for myself and my one-to-one coaching clients so I wanted to make sure you had them for your search too!

Private podcast

Listen to each lesson in the course on the go on your favorite podcast app.


Get one general resume template with 4 additional designs.


As the courses is updated, you'll get the new course as well! No additional payment, for as long as I keep offering it.

Headshot of Lena Cherian

Cristin did a lot for me in the time we worked together. She helped me build up my resume so it could work well with an ATS system and for the human reviewing it. She gave me strategies on how to apply, where to apply, and motivated me to keep going when I felt like I was getting nowhere. In addition to all that, the greatest thing Cristin did for me during my time with her was build up my confidence.

Lena  Cherian

Support & help

Get tech support via email and chat bot (both from a human – me). Get career and job support through our community and ongoing live sessions.


The client & student community is a great place to meet and network with other job seekers in addition to asking questions related to your course material and individual job search.

Weekly Check-IN

Every Monday for 3 months, no matter when you start the course, get an email check-in to focus you and to get answers directly from me.

Pick the option that makes sense for you

Some folks will get the course and templates and be off and running, others will need someone to bounce ideas off of before they're ready to rock, and other folks will love having a "Coach on Call" to work through their resume with them.


$97 $47

one time

Everything you need to make your resume!

All 3 bonuses
Group support

Hear from more folks just like you

From teachers to performers to nurses to marketers and more, I have worked with 300+ folks on their job search and can't wait for the next 300. Hear what a small section of folks had to say about my work here.

Cristin is as invested in your success as you are, if not more so.

"Cristin has the innate ability to take the preciousness out of our work, making it infinitely simpler to refine the items in our resumes and cover letters to tell the best story of ourselves."

Nicole Greene

Nicole Greene


I felt so confident submitting specifically crafted resumes to targeted job postings. I more than doubled my income and found the work-life balance I had been seeking for years.

Anonymous person avatar

Mike B. (Anonymous testimonial)

From Freelancer to Full Time Employment

Cristin changed my life! I always had a “good” resume, but with Cristin’s insight, my resume went from good to GREAT!

Tim Lossee

Marketing Director

My personal 15-day no questions asked refund policy

Buying anything like this feels so risky. What if I am a charlatan?

Or maybe you aren't 100% confident that you personally are going to do the work.

Or maybe you do the work and you're just not vibing on my approach to the work.

All are possible, and that's why I give a no questions asked refund within 15 days of purchase. Just email me at and let me know you want a refund, and I'll process it within 48 hours. It can then take 7-10 business days to appear on your bank account (banks 🤷🏼 amirite?).

I always appreciate that you tested out my small business, even if it didn't work out.

I created this course for YOU!

This is PERFECT for you:

If you really want to be able to make a resume yourself instead of always hiring someone.
If you want to try for a couple of different roles in job search, for example go for your current role title and the next title up.
If you want to be able to adjust your resume for a job posting that comes up that's a perfect fit.
If you just don't know where to begin when it comes to creating your own resume.

This is NOT for you:

If you would prefer to always hire someone to create your resume (more power to you!).
If you already have a resume that you're using that is working well for you and your job search (that's awesome!).
You already know how to quickly and easily tailor your resume for a job posting (you have skills!).
If you would prefer not to figure it out for yourself; DIY isn't your thing (100% understand this!).

You are only 3 steps from success

Course access is immediate! You could get started today!

But access is also lifetime so you can buy the course to complete later.


Pick the best option for you - course, course + one month of coaching, or course and ongoing coaching - and sign up today.


Check your email to get your welcome email, includes everything you need to get started.


Use the links in your welcome email to access the course platform (or if you purchased coaching access, get started talking to me in Clarityflow!).

Pick the option that makes sense for you

Some folks will get the course and templates and be off and running, others will need someone to bounce ideas off of before they're ready to rock, and other folks will love having a "Coach on Call" to work through their resume with them.


$97 $47

One Time

Everything you need to make your resume!

All 3 bonuses
Group support


Our most asked questions


Don't read these pages myself – you're in good company! This is a course designed to help you create your own chronological resume from scratch.

Why isn't there a live component to this?

Not having a live component helps keep the cost down, and my goal is for as many people to get to take the course as possible! But there will be live versions from time to time; keep an eye out, and I will let you know when.

Why are there 3 prices?

I wanted to give people as many options for support as possible – low cost up to continued support.

What if I prefer more one to one support?

I love that! Come and start a strategy session with me here.

How long will it take me to work through this content?

It really depends on you. You can get through the content in a weekend and implement in a week or vice versa. Or it might take longer if your time is not your own.

Everything is in small increments so you can pop in and out as you have time.

Is this program accessible?

Every piece of content is broken down into the smallest bit possible. Each section has a summary notes provided. There are videos with captions, speed control, and video quality control. There are transcripts.

I am always working to make my content more accessible so please feel free to email me at for your specific need.

Am I really going to be able to make my own resume?

Absolutely! People make their own resume from my resources and content all the time. And those resumes get people jobs. A personal claim to fame is someone who made a single resume, applied to a single remote job, and got it! Obviously rare, but I was proud of her!

Who are you? How did I get here?

Great questions!

I'm Cristin Downs, an Executive Coach at Work & Worth.

I’m a possibilitarian. Also an executive coach, a theatrical thinker, a producer, and a lot of formers – too many to list! I help fed up folks and determined do-gooders pivot from jobs they despise into a life they love because we deserve better.

How you got here – most likely you signed up for one of my free offers OR a friend sent you here. Two most common options. Glad you're here, either way.

Got more questions? Ask me 🙋🏼

See the icon in the bottom left of your screen? You can click there to start a conversation with me. If that's not your style, please send me an email.

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