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Learn what skills and experience gained from your current job will pivot you into a new career

Review your background, experience, and talents for transferable skills, and then practically apply them to popular pivotable job functions, finishing off with potential roles that match both.

Introducing Discover Your Transferable Skills

A framework for analyzing your background to find the transferable skills you possess so you can pursue your "What Next"

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About This Course

Discover Your Transferable Skills is a short course that simplifies the process of identifying your transferable skills so you finally understand what makes sense to pursue for your next career.

What you will learn

Review your personal work experience, training, education, and more to get clear on what skills you have
Work through a list of job function tasks that get to the heart of your pivotable work experience
Learn what potential roles make sense based of what you've identified

Now Is The Perfect Time To Discover Your Transferable Skills

Lessons, examples, and real-time walk-throughs – all covered in less than 40 minutes!

Support & Help

Get tech support via email and chat bot (both from a human – me). Get career and job support through our community and its ongoing live sessions.

Weekly Check-In

Every Monday for 3 months, no matter when you start the course, get an email check-in to focus you and to get answers directly from me.

What You Get

Full transcripts generated by AI & edited by a human
Examples, examples, and more examples for every aspect covered
Short videos with speed control, captions, and quality control
Hot topics addressed and common questions answered - directly by me

Bonuses Included

Private Podcast – Listen to each lesson in the course on the go on your favorite podcast app.
Lifetime Updates – As the courses is updated, you'll get the new course as well! No additional payment, for as long as I keep offering it.
Community – Meet and network with others in addition to asking questions related to your course material and individual goals.

What People Say

"Cristin pushed me to do the hard work to see the skills that I had taken for granted were skills that others wanted and needed in their organization. She helped me figure out how my values could still align with my work even if it was in a different industry. In addition, she helped me to see that moving out of the position that I held for almost two decades was a way to move forward instead of living in the comfort and ease that I had grown accustomed to."

Tammy Bean's Headshot

Tammy Bean

"Cristin has the innate ability to take the preciousness out of our work, making it infinitely simpler to refine the items in our resumes and cover letters to tell the best story of ourselves. This is invaluable, as it is NOT something that you can do for yourself. Cristin helped me to pivot the knowledge I already had toward a new field and encouraged me to define my skills, even when I was hesitant to do so. She helped me package myself into a product that others could understand, and she did so with a combination of encouragement, praise, and pragmatic advice."

Nicole Greene's Headshot

Nicole Greene

"Cristin really understands today’s job market! I felt I’d be in good hands if I worked with Cristin, and I was right. She was with me every step of the way – from figuring out exactly where I wanted to pivot to to resume revamps to interview prep and more."

Jennifer Irwin

"Working with Cristin was an absolute joy! Don’t get me wrong, I had to put in the work, but Cristin made it our journey manageable. I came in with the expectation that she would help me, but the level of assistance she provided exceeded my expectations. She kept me on track. She helped me remember all the successes and accomplishments I had over the years."

A headshot of Christine Palmer

Christine Palmer

"For me, the Pivot Process is not just getting a new job. It was also figuring out what I actually want to pursue and how to best use my skills. Authenticity is the key to the process. After a career in higher ed, finding out what I authentically want in how I am treated at work, how I work, and how I want to be paid was not obvious or easy. It is a process that is well worth the time and effort."

Eileen Brumitt's Headshot - a brown haired woman in a black shirt and a bright pink blazer

Eileen Brumitt

"The greatest thing Cristin did for me during my time with her was build up my confidence, she helped me believe in myself."

A headshot of Lena Cherian

Lena Cherian

"I can honestly say that I do not believe that I would have gotten the job without Cristin’s help. Her help was instrumental in my success."

A headshot of Michelle Wooten Everett

Michelle Wooten Everett

About Cristin Downs

🗨️ "Cristin makes you laugh while giving you the tools you need to succeed."

Hi, I'm Cristin! 

I’m a possibilitarian. Also an executive coach, a theatrical thinker, a producer, and a lot of formers – too many to list! I help fed up folks and determined do-gooders pivot from jobs they despise into a life they love because we deserve better.

Having worked with hundreds of clients on their career pivots, I have refined the process of discovering your transferable skills to the exact system contained in this course. I approach the subject from a few angles because different approaches work better for different people.

Come along for the ride!

Before you take the course

You know you want to change careers but you have no idea what your skills are.
You know what your skills are but aren't sure what other industries would find them interesting.
You aren't sure how to explain your skills and experience in a detailed way to other people - essential for pivoting.

After you take the course

You understand what skills and experience you have that make you pivotable.
You know other possible industries that would find your skills useful.
You have words to describe your skills and experience in a way that is more universally applicable, and not industry specific.

Start Today & Get Immediate Access

Enroll now, check your email for your welcome details, and get your program and group access. But access is lifetime so even though you *can* start today you don't have to

You've got Q's? I got A's.


Don't read these pages myself – you're in good company! This is a course to help you discover your transferable skills so you can pivot into a new career.

Why isn't there a live component to this?

Not having a live component helps keep the cost down, and my goal is for as many people to get to take the course as possible!

How long will it take me to work through this content?

It really depends on you. You can get through the content in a weekend and implement in a week or vice versa. Or it might take longer if your time is not your own.

Everything is in small increments so you can pop in and out as you have time.

Is this program accessible?

Every piece of content is broken down into the smallest bit possible. Each section has a summary notes provided. There are videos with captions, speed control, and video quality control. There are transcripts.

I am always working to make my content more accessible so please feel free to email me at support@workandworthcoach.com for your specific need.

Do you have any pivot resources?

What if I prefer more one-on-one support?

What's your refund policy?

Buying anything like this feels so risky. What if I am a charlatan?

Or maybe you aren't 100% confident that you personally are going to do the work.

Or maybe you do the work and you're just not vibing on my approach to the work.

All are possible, and that's why I give a no questions asked refund within 15 days of purchase. Just email me at support@workandworthcoach.com and let me know you want a refund, and I'll process it within 48 hours. It can then take 7-10 business days to appear on your bank account (banks 🤷🏼 amirite?).

I always appreciate that you tested out my small business, even if it didn't work out.

Who are you? How did I get here?

Great questions! I'm Cristin Downs, an Executive Coach at Work & Worth.

I’m a possibilitarian. Also an executive coach, a theatrical thinker, a producer, and a lot of formers – too many to list! I help fed up folks and determined do-gooders pivot from jobs they despise into a life they love because we deserve better.

How you got here – most likely you signed up for one of my free offers OR a friend sent you here. Two most common options. Glad you're here, either way.

Got more questions? Ask me 🙋🏼

See the icon in the bottom left of your screen? You can click there to start a conversation with me. If that's not your style, please send me an email.


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