Interview Immersion

Are you ready to get excited when you have an interview?

Instead of figuring out how to interview again by bombing the first handful, prepare in a way that gets you better results right away while teaching you an approach you can use for a lifetime.

A white woman in black shirt with black glasses and her hair in a bun. She seems confused.

Like most people, I found interviews confusing

Ever feel like an interview went well, but then not get moved on to the next round? Or more rarely, feel like you bombed it and gotten the job? What's happening?!? Is it a mystery? Are they flipping a coin?

Or could there be some sort of method to the madness?

Cristin Downs from Work and Worth Coach here. I'm here to tell you that interviews can make sense! There's a general system you can follow that allows you to show yourself off well, not make any major missteps, and get enough information from the company to see if you even want to work there.

I discovered this system through working over 40 jobs in my over 40 years while also serving in every hiring capacity you can imagine.

Common reasons people have trouble interviewing

A white woman with medium brown hair in a pink sweater looks a bit confused
A Black woman with medium length hair and black glasses, a blue button down, standing outside an office type building

They don't know how to talk about their work

Beyond bar or coffee shop tirades, most people don't know how to talk about their work. What's important and what's not? What would make the most sense to tell this particular interviewer, for this job, at this company? Since most people don't know, they include irrelevant points, and don't include what would really move the needle.

They aren't sure what an interviewer is getting at with certain questions

Why do interviewers ask you for your greatest weakness? Do they expect you to tell the truth (No, they don't!). How are you supposed to answer "Tell me about yourself." Is it one of life's greatest mysteries? Some questions seem like a trick; others seem like it would be great to answer well and matter, but how do you do that, exactly?

They don't know how to get information they need from the interviewer without asking directly

Everyone wants to know what a company's culture is, what the work/life balance is like, how do folks like working there, and more. So how do you find out? Just ask them? Do the interviewers tell the truth? That seems somewhat unlikely if the culture is bad, doesn't it? How else are you supposed to find out? Glassdoor?

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So, I was hesitant to have an executive coach from the get-go and thought I had all the answers. I was getting interviews left and right, but after 14 years of not having been the interviewee, there was a skillset I needed to dust off. Well, my wife decided to sign me up for Cristin’s services, it was decided that I’d give it a go! I never do anything less than 100% effort, and this wouldn’t be any different. I had four interviews within two and a half weeks – so its time to polish off my interview techniques and get back to that grindstone. Well, Cristin immediately impressed me with her knowledge, responsiveness, openness and dedication to me as a client. Her insight into what I was doing correctly, and what I could improve was key. I loved working with Cristin and would highly recommend her to anyone having issues from deciding what path they want from life all the way to polishing off those squeaky interview responses.

Everything with Cristin was natural; it flowed like we’d been friends for years. The feedback I was getting was critical and within a short period of time proved to be more beneficial than I can express. She was a stranger. Now, she’s my go-to. If there’s anyone on the fence – take my advice – make that leap. Sign up!

JC (Client chose to stay anonymous)

This course will teach you the exact system *I* used myself for interviews that I have now walked 300+ clients through

This system has walked hundreds of clients through over a thousand interviews, from recruiters to hiring managers, from projects to panels. Many of my clients haven't interviewed in over 10 years, and so they need not just interview preparation but also an introduction to modern interview formatting and remote interviewing.

Weaving together traditional interview advice and my personal approach, I include what to cover and what to avoid, ways to respond to common interview questions, how to use the STAR method on behavioral questions, and how to prepare for the interview you just got!

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So... how will Interview Immersion impact you?

Before you complete this course:

You're confused about what's important to include and what's not important to include in your interview responses
You're having a hard time talking about your work, let alone framing it in a way that makes you sound like the kind of candidate a company wants to hire
You don't know what to ask the interviewer, either to sound interesting but also to get enough information to know if you even want to work here
You're not moving on to the next interview round, and you're not sure what's happening

After you've completed this course:

You know exactly what to include, what not to include, and what makes sense to include in certain circumstances based on the interview, role, and company
You know exactly how to talk about your work in a way that highlights what makes it important and interesting for *this* role
You have techniques and strategies to get the information you need from the interview process
You might not always know exactly what's happening in every interview process, but you have a better sense of how you're performing and what's happening

Interview Immersion

Everything you need to ace your interview, from "Tell me about yourself" to "Are you interviewing other places?"

Interview Immersion is a complete system with information, the current landscape, techniques, and tactics to to navigate the complexities of an interview while sharing your experience in a way that feels aligned and showcases you well to your interviewer.

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What the course covers

Interviewing well is an art, a game, theatre – not straight forward at all. It's a dance of societal convention, one that doesn't come with a printed rule book. Strap in tight though because we're going to work through the whole charade so you can understand your part, while also learning if this is a company you actually want to work for.

Catch up on interview basics for this job market – why are there so many interviews, with whom, about what, and how???
Work through the most common interview questions – what are they really asking, what's the winning answer, and what you should avoid
How to prep for *this* interview you just got and common interview problems and how you can avoid them

Lessons, real examples, and real-time walk-throughs
– all covered in less than 2 hours!

Full transcripts generated by AI & edited by a human

Examples, examples, and more examples for every aspect covered

Short videos with speed control, captions, and quality control

Hot topics addressed and common questions answered - directly by me

Bonuses you'll get if you join today

Personally, I love getting extra fun stuff, even more so when it's super useful, like that extra pickle with your sammie. In this case, I find these bonuses so incredibly useful for myself and my one-to-one coaching clients so I wanted to make sure you had them for your search too!

Private podcast

Listen to each lesson in the course on the go on your favorite podcast app.

Question LIBRARY

Get a list of popular interview questions.


As the courses is updated, you'll get the new course as well! No additional payment, for as long as I keep offering it.

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After I started working with Cristin, the interview requests came rolling in. And even though I hadn’t been on an interview in 10 years, I felt confident and prepared on interviews, thanks to Cristin. While job hunting is rarely considered fun, Cristin makes the whole process exciting and enjoyable. Working with Cristin is like working with an expert, coach, friend, and cheerleader all in one.

In the end, I accepted a fully-remote position, above my target salary range, doing work that I enjoy and wanted to do more of – all the major points I had hoped for but didn’t think would be possible.

Jennifer Irwin

Interview Immersion course mockup

Support & help

Get tech support via email and chat bot (both from a human – me). Get career and job support through our community and ongoing live sessions.


The client & student community is a great place to meet and network with other job seekers in addition to asking questions related to your course material and individual job search.

Weekly Check-IN

Every Monday for 3 months, no matter when you start the course, get an email check-in to focus you and to get answers directly from me.

Get started today

You can start on your own time today, and if you're interested in prepping one on one, start a free virtual strategy session right here.


$497 $297

One Time

Everything you need to have a successful interview!

Course that covers modern interview process, how to handle your remote interview, and more!
How to answer most common interview questions
How to prep for every interview
Group support

Hear from more folks just like you

From teachers to performers to nurses to marketers and more, I have worked with 300+ folks on their job search and can't wait for the next 300. Hear what a small section of folks had to say about my work here.

Thanks to Cristin, the process was quick and actually fun.

After owning my own business for the last 5 years, I made the decision to re-enter the corporate world. I had a lot of work to get ready for this process…or so I thought. Cristin held my hand through the interview process and acted as my cheerleader the whole time. Had I not decided to work with Cristin, I would probably still be putting in multiple applications and hoping for a callback. Thanks to her, the process was quick and actually fun. I landed the perfect job for my skill set. Both I and my family are very grateful for Cristin.

Joanna Novelo's Headshot

Joanna Novelo

From Owning Her Own Business to Working for Someone Else

I can honestly say that I do not believe that I would have gotten the job without Cristin’s help. Her help with interviewing skills was instrumental in my success.

A headshot of Michelle Wooten Everett

Michelle Wooten Everett

From Admissions to Program Management

I feel like I am in control of my own future and career. I feel confident that I can apply for, interview for, and get jobs, but I also know I have the ability to choose and make changes if I need to.

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Eileen Brumitt

From Higher Ed to SaaS Customer Success

My personal 15-day no questions asked refund policy

Buying anything like this feels so risky. What if I am a charlatan?

Or maybe you aren't 100% confident that you personally are going to do the work.

Or maybe you do the work and you're just not vibing on my approach to the work.

All are possible, and that's why I give a no questions asked refund within 15 days of purchase. Just email me at and let me know you want a refund, and I'll process it within 48 hours. It can then take 7-10 business days to appear on your bank account (banks 🤷🏼 amirite?).

I always appreciate that you tested out my small business, even if it didn't work out.

I created this course for YOU!

This is PERFECT for you:

If you haven't interviewed in a long time and want to get back into the game in a big way.
If you don't know where to begin in how to get started with preparing for interviews.
If you are interviewing for multiple types of jobs and don't know how to prepare adjustable responses based on the role and company.
If you aren't happy with the results of your last few interviews and know you could be doing better.

This is NOT for you:

If you have your own preferred approach to interviewing – definitely understand, I do too!
If you believe every interview question is real and don't want to consider the performative nature of many of the questions.
If you aren't interested in practicing your responses and prefer to go in and work off the cuff.
If you would prefer not to figure it out for yourself; DIY isn't your thing (100% understand this!).

You are only 3 steps from success

Course access is immediate! You could get started today!

But access is also lifetime so you can buy the course to complete later.


Sign up today!


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Get started today

You can start on your own time today, and if you're interested in prepping one on one, start a free virtual strategy session right here.


$497 $297

One Time

Everything you need to have a successful interview!

Course that covers modern interview process, how to handle your remote interview, and more!
How to answer most common interview questions
How to prep for every interview
Group support


Our most asked questions


Don't read these pages myself – you're in good company! This is a course designed to help you improve your interviewing skills so you increase your chances of getting an offer.

Why isn't there a live component to this?

Not having a live component helps keep the cost down, and my goal is for as many people to get to take the course as possible! But this program does have a live one-to-one coaching version. You can start a free strategy session with me about it here.

Do you have any free interview resources?

I don't have anything right now, but I am working on it! You can keep up to date with my DIY offers here and my blog and podcast here. This is where those resources will be when they're ready.

What if I prefer more one to one support?

How long will it take me to work through this content?

It really depends on you. You can get through the content in a weekend and implement in a week or vice versa. Or it might take longer if your time is not your own.

Everything is in small increments so you can pop in and out as you have time.

Is this program accessible?

Every piece of content is broken down into the smallest bit possible. Each section has a summary notes provided. There are videos with captions, speed control, and video quality control. There are transcripts.

I am always working to make my content more accessible so please feel free to email me at for your specific need.

Will this really be able to help me have better interviews?

Absolutely! I once had someone only finish 2/3 of the program before their interview, and they said they had the best interview of their life! And of course got moved on to the next round and got to finish the last 1/3 of the program.

Who are you? How did I get here?

Great questions!

I'm Cristin Downs, an Executive Coach at Work & Worth.

I’m a possibilitarian. Also an executive coach, a theatrical thinker, a producer, and a lot of formers – too many to list! I help fed up folks and determined do-gooders pivot from jobs they despise into a life they love because we deserve better.

How you got here – most likely you signed up for one of my free offers OR a friend sent you here. Two most common options. Glad you're here, either way.

Got more questions? Ask me 🙋🏼

See the icon in the bottom left of your screen? You can click there to start a conversation with me. If that's not your style, please send me an email.

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