January Jumpstart

Are you ready to shift your New Year's job search into high gear?

This bundle includes 4 of my best courses for your job search PLUS the strategy and tactics that are working *right now.*

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I too was withering away in a job that was sucking my soul from my body

It's impossibly difficult to leave a job that isn't a good fit. I know this not from working with hundreds of clients (although it's the reality for many of them as well), but because it was my life.

Cristin Downs from Work and Worth Coach here. My job wasn't a good fit. It took so much energy to function day to day that by the time I got home, all I could do was stare at the wall. I was too tired. Too tired to think about how to change my situation, too tired to update my resume, and way way too tired to apply for jobs. I was stuck.

The common reasons job seekers fail

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They don't make decisions

Either because they aren't sure exactly what they want to do or they don't even know what needs to be decided, job seekers make no decisions and either 1) do nothing because they don't know what to do, or 2) do everything, all at once, even contradictory things, because – you guessed it – they don't know what to do! Both options are really tiring, on top of being already tired.

They don't understand the current market

I've helped people get jobs and change careers for over 10 years now. We followed a pretty consistent plan – until 2021. And then things got topsy turvy, and the job market has only accelerated in its weirdness since then. When people don't know how this market is different, job seekers try tactics that don't work and are exhausting, leaving them completely drained.

They don't know how to talk about their work

If you're reading this, I bet you're pretty awesome. Great work experience, amazing skillset, and a tremendous personality to boot. But... does your resume reflect that? And if it does because your friend Geraldine makes a great resume, can you carry that pizzazz into an interview? Most folks, unfortunately, cannot. They can't talk about their work in their resume, don't know how to get to what's important in their cover letters, and miss the point in their interview responses.

A headshot of Jennifer Irwin

"In the end, I accepted a fully-remote position, above my target salary range, doing work that I enjoy and wanted to do more of – all the major points I had hoped for but didn’t think would be possible."

Jenny Irwin

This bundle will prep you for every aspect of your job search process

I've included 4 of my best courses: Create Your Resume, Mad Libs Cover Letter, LinkedIn Is for Everyone, and Interview Immersion. These courses will walk you through everything you need for search and interview process.

PLUS – In this market, you get much further when you understand, what I call, "the current situation." I give you the latest working strategies on applying, networking, and content strategy, in addition to a whole module on all the decisions you need to make to be successful.

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So... how will January Jumpstart help you?

Before you complete this course:

Your resume doesn't reflect the awesomeness and accomplishments of your work experience
"Cover letter required" gives your sweaty palms and an eye twitch
LinkedIn is a mystery – How does one find relevant jobs? What should be on your profile? Why are so many of this posts so cringy?
Interviews that you felt pretty good about ending in a "No, thank you" or worse yet – Did you just get ghosted by Notion?

After you've completed this course:

Your resume feels great – aligned to the roles you're applying to and a great reflection of your expertise
Your cover letter template is ready to go and you know when and how to adjust it per job
LinkedIn makes sense! Your profile is updated, you know what to include and leave off, you're finding the right jobs for you, and your content strategy is 🏆
You can finally answer, "Tell me about yourself," you can get to the point of what the interviewer cares about, and interview ghosting because fuel for your memoir, not something to stress about.

JAnuary Jumpstart

Everything you need to kick your New Year's job search into high gear

Make decisions, prep your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn, and get interview ready – all while armed with inside information about one of the strangest job markets many of us have experienced in our lifetime.

The core system has 4 courses

Create Your Own Resume, Cover Letter Mad Libs, LinkedIn Is for Everyone, and Interview Immersion are all included.


Create Your Resume

Create Your Resume is a short course that covers every aspect of resume creation, from strategic approaches to get started, what to include from your work history, how to avoid common biases, and the ways to make your resume stand out (think adding accomplishments and not printing it on a cake). 

Everything you need to know about the process your resume will go through, what are the types of resumes and which you should absolutely avoid, and best practices to protect yourself from common scams
A complete set of versatile questions for you to answer that get to the heart of what's important about the work you do at your job
Common resume problems and how to address them


Cover Letter Mad Libs

Cover Letter Mad Libs is a short course that simplifies the cover letter process so you finally understand what to include and what to leave out – every time you need to write a cover letter!

Understand the 4 major parts to any cover letter and how those differ for culture focused orgs – think nonprofit and tech
Learn how to create a simple process for yourself when you're applying for jobs at scale (what's required for most people in this market, especially if you want a remote job)
See a case study where I take a job posting and make a cover letter for it using our formula


LinkedIn Is for Everyone

If LinkedIn makes you sweat and your eye twitch, than this course is for you. If you know the basics of LinkedIn but want to up your game, this course is also for you. Learn the ins and outs of the platform, what makes a good profile based on your goal, and pick a platform strategy that makes sense to you.

Learn platform ins and outs such as changing your profile URL, setting what profile changes your network can see, and updating your skills section for your job search
Get the inside scope on LinkedIn hot topics such as the open to work banner and your profile and ageism
Review my platform strategy recommendations for your job search, business, or authority building & pick the one that is right for you

course 4

Interview Immersion

Interviewing well is an art, a game, theatre – not straight forward at all. It's a dance of societal convention, one that doesn't come with a printed rule book. Strap in tight though because we're going to work through the whole charade so you can understand your part, while also learning if this is a company you actually want to work for.

Catch up on interview basics for this job market – why are there so many interviews, with whom, about what, and how???
Work through the most common interview questions – what are they really asking, what's the winning answer, and what you should avoid
How to prep for *this* interview you just got and common interview problems and how you can avoid them

Full transcripts generated by AI & edited by a human

Examples, examples, and more examples for every aspect covered

Short videos with speed control, captions, and quality control

Hot topics addressed and common questions answered - directly by me

Bonuses you'll get if you join today

Personally, I love getting extra fun stuff, even more so when it's super useful, like that extra barbecue sauce with your nuggies. In this case, I find these bonuses so incredibly useful for myself and my one-to-one coaching clients so I wanted to make sure you had them for your search too!


Listen to each course in the bundle plus all the supplemental materials on the go on your favorite podcast app.


Get one general resume template with 4 additional designs, a cover letter template, and LinkedIn skills lists to add to your profile based on your role type.


As the 4 courses included in the bundle are updated, you'll get the new course as well! No additional payment, for as long as I keep offering them.

A headshot of Christine Palmer

“The result was that I got everything we worked to achieve. I was able to pivot from my 20 year career and take my skill set elsewhere. I increased my salary by 38k. My confidence soared and I am currently working for an organization where my expertise and talents are respected. I was able to remain working remotely, along with the benefits that were important to me."

Christine Palmer

Support & help

Get tech support via email and chat bot (both from a human – me). Get career and job support through our community and ongoing live sessions.


The client & student community is a great place to meet and network with other job seekers in addition to asking questions related to your course material and individual job search.

Weekly Check-in

Every Monday for 3 months, no matter when you start the Jumpstart, get an email check-in to focus you and to get answers directly from me.

Pick the option that makes sense for you

Some folks will get the courses and templates and be off and running, others will need someone to bounce ideas off of before they're ready to rock, and other folks will love having a "Coach on Call" to work through their search with them.

course bundle


One time

Everything you need for a successful job search!

4 Courses
Current job market strategy modules
All 3 bonuses
Group support


Plus coaching


One time

Get everything included in the course bundle, plus one month of asynchronous support via Clarityflow to include:

Resume review
Cover letter review
LinkedIn review
Individual interview prep

ongoing coaching



Get everything included in plus coaching on an ongoing basis. Lock this discounted pricing in for the package duration. (3-month minimum)

Continually improve your search materials
Per interview individualized prep
Ongoing support

Hear from more folks just like you

From teachers to performers to nurses to marketers and more, I have worked with 200+ folks on their job search and can't wait for the next 200. Hear what a small section of folks had to say about my work here.

An excellent experience from start to finish

"I was at a loss with how to approach it all after resigning this past December from a eighteen year long career, and considering a complete career change. My former position was unique, and thus challenging to capture for potential employers outside of my field. Cristin captured the essence of me and beautifully highlighted my strongest skill set by teasing out my core strengths, which can now be more universally applied to a variety of roles."

Amy Scaglione

On Air Talent & Spokesperson

"Cristin is a wealth of knowledge and has such a great way of, what I call, “spiking the Kool-Aid” when it comes to explaining the world of job searching. Her ability to inspire and encourage you while still being honest and realistic is something I appreciated and admired so much."

Keith Fowler

Project Manager

"Cristin helped me prepare my resume for the automated systems it was going to go through, and also highlighted my work experience in a concise and powerful way. Cristin held my hand through the interview process and acted as my cheerleader the whole time. Had I not decided to work with Cristin, I would probably still be putting in multiple applications and hoping for a callback. Thanks to her, the process was quick and actually fun. I landed the perfect job for my skill set. Both I and my family are very grateful for Cristin."

Joanna Novelo's Headshot

Joanna Novelo

Community Manager

My personal 15-day no questions asked refund policy

Buying anything like this feels so risky. What if I am a charlatan? 

Or maybe you aren't 100% confident that you personally are going to do the work.

Or maybe you do the work and you're just not vibing on my approach to the work.

All are possible, and that's why I give a no questions asked refund within 15 days of purchase. Just email me at support@workandworthcoach.com and let me know you want a refund, and I'll process it within 48 hours. It can then take 7-10 business days to appear on your bank account (banks 🤷🏼 amirite?).

I always appreciate that you tested out my small business, even if it didn't work out.


Our most asked questions


Oh, gosh, a person after my own heart! This is a 4 course bundle of my best job search courses with additional content relevant to this January/February 2024 job search.

Why isn't there a set live group aspect or content taught live?

The goal of this bundle is to take advantage of New Year energy – both yours and the companies hiring. I didn't want to get caught up in working a schedule. I want you to work on your own timeline. Plus because I have a client & student group, you still get a chance to ask questions and network.

Why are there 3 prices?

I wanted to give people as many options for support as possible – low cost up to continued support.

What if I prefer more one to one support?

How long will it take me to work through this content?

It really depends on you. You can get through the content in a weekend and implement in a week or vice versa. Or it might take longer if your time is not your own.

Everything is in small increments so you can pop in and out as you have time.

Is this program accessible?

Every piece of content is broken down into the smallest bit possible. Each section has a summary notes provided. There are videos with captions, speed control, and video quality control. There are transcripts.

I am always working to make my content more accessible so please feel free to email me at support@workandworthcoach.com for your specific need.

This seems like a lot to do. How will I keep track of it?

There are two ways. First, there is a checklist to walk through. Second, the course platform lets you check off content as you complete it, and start back where you left off.

Who are you? How did I get here?

Great questions!

I'm Cristin Downs, an Executive Coach at Work & Worth.

I’m a possibilitarian. Also an executive coach, a theatrical thinker, a producer, and a lot of formers – too many to list! I help fed up folks and determined do-gooders pivot from jobs they despise into a life they love because we deserve better.

How you got here – most likely you signed up for one of my free offers OR a friend sent you here. Two most common options. Glad you're here, either way.

Got more questions? Ask me 🙋🏼

See the icon in the bottom left of your screen? You can click there to start a conversation with me. If that's not your style, please send me an email.

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