Create Your Resume

Create Your Resume

3 Lessons

Create Your Resume

A short course to create a chronological resume, using one of three possible approaches.

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This course is divided into 4 sections, which you can see below: Getting Started, Creating Your Resume (the course itself), Answering Your "So What About.." Questions, and Next Steps.

Course Modules

Getting Started

Getting Started

Everything you need to get started with your new course – how the course is delivered, how to get support, course intake form, private podcast, and joining the community.

Creating Your Resume

Creating Your Resume

Kickstart your resume creation, whether making a pivot or next step resume, with my system.

Answering Your

Answering Your "So What About..." Questions

Curious about resume "rules" or other popular opinions? Here I go through the most popular questions I get.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Provide your feedback about the course, let me know what else I can provide to help you, see other resources I have available, and sign up to be an affiliate for the course

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Cristin Downs

Hi, I'm Cristin! I’m a possibilitarian. Also an executive coach, a theatrical thinker, a producer, and a lot of formers – too many to list! I believe we are already worthy, and we deserve work that is both fulfilling and pays well, without toxicity and trauma. We deserve time with our families, flexible schedules, and rest.

Work & Worth

Resources and tools to navigate the current work world while conspiring to create our better future 💫

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January Jumpstart

January Jumpstart

Course Overview

January Jumpstart

A 4 course bundle with practical strategy and tactics that working *right now* for your New Year's job search

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Linda Lee


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