Resumes Mean Business

Build Your Business’ Work Into Your Professional Resume

Whether returning to the workforce or adding your business to your professional work experience, this short course gives business owners the skills they need to add their business to their resume while maximizing opportunity and navigating potential judgment.

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You are a talented business owner who is great at what you do.

Whether you have trained for years, served hundreds of clients, or have a wide depth of personal experience, you are an expert at what you do. You’re incredibly confident in your work and your results. You have dozens (or hundreds even) of testimonials speaking to tremendous outcomes.

You’re even seen as an expert in the field itself, widely regarded by your peers and those who move in your circle.

But explaining it someone else? Ha!

Ha ha ha! You’re still laughing!

Explaining what it is exactly that you do is a mystery in a riddle. It took you forever to be able to explain it well to clients, but to explain that work outside the field feels insurmountable.

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Enter stage left: Resume Means Business.

A short course to get the work of your business on your resume

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to add your business experience and expertise to your resume
  • What questions you can answer to get clear on your business’ work
  • What the common mistake is that people make when trying to list their accomplishments and what to do instead
  • How to take advantage of the unique opportunities you have as a business owner
  • How to navigate the judgments some might have against you as a business owner

After owning my own business for the last 5 years, I made the decision to re-enter the corporate world. I had a lot of work to get ready for this process…or so I thought. Cristin was able to help me sift through hundreds of job listings and identify the perfect opportunities for me. She helped me prepare my resume for the automated systems it was going to go through, and also highlighted my work experience in a concise and powerful way. Cristin held my hand through the interview process and acted as my cheerleader the whole time. Had I not decided to work with Cristin, I would probably still be putting in multiple applications and hoping for a callback. Thanks to her, the process was quick and actually fun. I landed the perfect job for my skill set. Both I and my family are very grateful for Cristin.

Joanna Novelo

Community Manager

Going from freelancing into full time employment while increasing my income seemed unattainable until I worked with Cristin. She completely flipped what I thought I knew about the job hunting process and gave me strategies, tactics and guidance that no one else I talked to could give me. And it worked! I felt so confident submitting specifically crafted resumes to targeted job postings and knowing exactly what to say (and what to leave out) in interviews. I more than doubled my income and found the work-life balance I had been seeking for years. Cristin’s expert advice and genuine support have changed the trajectory of my life and I am forever thankful.

Mike B.

Senior Strategist, Pivoted from freelance to full-time employment

The program includes:

  • Immediate, lifetime access to the course
  • Itty bitty lessons with captioned videos
  • Google doc of questions for you to answer to add the work of your business to your resume
  • Private podcast to listen on the go
  • Google doc resume template
  • Invitation to my private client / student group (hosted on Facebook)
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All of this is included for just $9!

Heyo, I’m Cristin!

Hi, my name is Cristin Downs, and I’m a self-declared possibilitarian. Also an executive coach and a multi career pivoter. Last year, my clients made $1.6 million more than their investment in working with me.

I’ve worked more than 40+ jobs across industries including higher education, healthcare, insurance, and entertainment where I sourced, recruited, served as hiring manager, and sat on culture fit panels. Since the Great Resignation started in 2021, I’ve helped nearly 200 people pivot into new careers. Helping people translate their work into words that make sense to their desired audience is my specialty.

Personally, I’m a bookworm (mysteries and YA are my faves), newsie, pizza / wine / ice cream / brunch lover, budding comedian, and former theatre professional with a decade + in the wings. It should be noted that I believe expletives are illustrative and effective. Mama to a tiny mischief maker, I hold down the fort in New York with my husband Mike and a small pack of furry friends.

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Let’s add your business to your resume!


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