Ready for 5+ extra hours in your day? You would have more time for your creative projects and more time with those you love!

It’s possible…and I’ve got exactly what you need.

But wait…this is NOT for everyone!

Some people are fine wasting time, raising their blood pressure over senseless online arguments, and scrolling away any chance they have of improving their situation day after day.

If that’s you, sorry, this course is not for you and you should hit that back button right now.

The Screentime Reboot is specially built for folks who want to spend more time living life.

I’m talking to the pioneers, creatives, experts, teachers, business owners, and coaches – who know that their unhealthy relationship with their phone is holding them back.

With a darn near, fail proof system, this short course will have you focused, excited and feeling free so fast you’ll be bursting with energy like never before!

After I implemented the techniques presented in the Screentime Reboot, I felt a weight lifted. I have reclaimed my time and can set healthy boundaries around my screen time use. Cristin is a wealth of knowledge and resources, and her insights and recommendations provide realistic, reasonable, practical, and actionable steps we can use to take control of our screens and our time.
-Jamie Hawley Horn, teacher and childhood cancer research advocate
Text that says "take a look inside"
Screentime Reboot Program Mock-Up

I want to share all the goodies inside (multiple masterclasses, tool list, expert studies, plus a MAJOR MISTAKE you can fix immediately) that are valued at $397 and show you how you can get it for just $27 $7 but first…

I want to share something with you…

Oh for sure, you aren’t the only person spending hours and hours on your phone every day.

The average time spent per day is 5 hours, and that includes people far over and far under (of course!).

The average person checks their phone 58 times per day!!

At best, you’re losing 5 hours a day, and worst, it could be far higher, some as high as 12 hours per day!

Whether you’re writing your first book, trying to spend more time with your kids, building a badass business, starting or running a non-profit, or want more time for your own crafts and projects –

You need one thing to get it all done, the one thing

so many take for granted…


But what you can CAN do is use proven strategies to give yourself more time.
You CAN stop letting your valuable time be taken from you.

You CAN feel empowered, fulfilled and happy that YOU control every second of your day.

Now, you could
do the all the research…
read all the books….
try over and over again to get that time back from your phone all by yourself…
but really, do you really have the time for that? 😉

Face it, most people don’t. So they stay stuck in the same cycle.

You don’t have time for trial and error. You need to be creating in your life the way you want TODAY.


Cristin is a fun, clear, and utterly relatable guide. I have been part of online workshops before that have felt more like an advertisement for that person’s lifestyle and brand. Cristin, on the other hand, brings no ego to the table and no showcase of harmful perfectionism. Cristin is about empowering women to see how capable and powerful they already are. The tools she offers are there to help clear the way for that capability and power to shine.
-Tia Shearer Bassett, Theatre Wolf, Actor, Writer, Creator Extraordinaire

Can I tell you why I’m so passionate about saving you from this modern day abyss?

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I’m Cristin Downs, and I’m a creative producer and theatrical thinker. I’m a bookworm (mysteries and YA are my faves), newsie, pizza / wine / ice cream / brunch lover, budding comedian, and former theatre professional with a decade + in the wings.

As a communicator and activator (Strengthfinder geeks unite), I start fires under the ideas of pioneering women who are S-T-U-C-K. Yuck, right?

In the theatre, we make it rain onstage without water, without a budget, with just an idea. We make magic through a unique blend of knowledge + innovation + practicality. This is our super power. You bring your creative idea, and I bring the momentum you need to get started. I’ve done it with million dollar budgets and bootstrap projects, from Disney to solopreneurs.

This capacity required me to never waste a moment and maximize my time to deliver at the highest level possible – ditching those destructive distractions.
Take the very same data, system, and checklist I used to break my phone habit in Screentime Reboot.

This condensed course is designed to be SHORT, easy, and super actionable so you won’t be spending half your life watching course videos and writing your memoir.

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Recommended Reading List

An image of the 10 steps in 10 days checklist

The 10 Steps in 10 Days Checklist

And that’s it! Sometimes long is awesome, and sometimes, let’s just get it freaking done already, amirite?

Take a more in depth look at what’s included in your $27 price!

The Screentime Reboot Masterclass 

In less than 20 minutes, walk through the process I used to break my phone habit: from why I was curious to begin with to research to actionable steps.


The Screentime Reboot Workbook

16-page workbook to walk through your own specific phone issues and work out a plan specific to you and your situation.


The Screentime Reboot Toolkit

Tools I recommend for iPhone and Android users that can help break the phone habit.


The Screentime Reboot 10 Steps in 10 Days Checklist

My recommended 10 day guide to go from super unhealthy phone relationship to amazingly awesome + tons more time to do what you love. 


The Screentime Reboot Recommended Reading List

For the bookworms, a selection of articles and books on the topics of phones and social media if you want to further your own understanding of the topic.



Why stop at having good boundaries with your phone? Designed to help you continue to set up good containers (boundaries and systems) in your life, these bonuses will help you do just that.


Your Morning Routine

  • Guided Masterclass
  • Workbook


Rockstar Guide to Time Blocking

  • Guided Masterclass
  • Workbook
  • Sample time blocking Google Sheet


Weekly Schedule Template

A simple daily schedule template that includes an average listing of tasks, while including space for your morning routine, evening close down, all meals, and time with family.


4 week meal plan

Tired of asking “What’s for dinner?” Use this 4 week plan to guide your meals for a month. Easily adjustable to what works for you and your family.

Let’s hear what more women just like you had to say…

I think this kind of thing can be very intimidating. They seem like they’re going to be hard and scary. Before you ever start! This feels immediately Cristin-ised. Yes, that’s a word. Like awesomeizing.

Teresa Kuhl


As a visionary and creative, I have a hard time nailing down specifics. It’s hard to capture my attention and this workbook was a bit intimidating at first, but I continue to refer back to it time and time again now that it’s done. It helped me narrow my focus and get clear on what makes me unique.

Jody Smith

Author, Princess Monroe

When I sat down with Cristin’s thought cleanser, it was the next best thing to sitting down with Cristin herself. She showed up as my friend, dishing out all of the things I want to believe and sometimes doubt. She was talking to me, not to a microphone. I felt these words in my bones and this is something I will listen to every day, and some day I will even say it along with her. This is not the usual variety of recorded affirmations with the new age tinkles in the background and a soothing, steady voice. Cristin’s energy and excitement about being who she is – well, it’s so real that you’ll forget it’s a recording.

Shannon MacFarlane


Text that says, "What will you do with extra time?"

> Write a book

> Get active

> Learn a new skill that can make you $$$

> Spend more time with your sweetheart

> Heck, just watch some TV *you* want to watch

This is what you should be doing when you control your time!

There’s no time better than now to ditch your phone.

So instead of being cyber-hypnotized into a sad and passive state letting your goals and dreams wash away day after day, you can break the cycle and take control of each and every second to build the amazing life you know you’re capable of! With so much value and proven methods I could easily be selling all of this for close to $400 bucks! But I am committed to busting every barrier I can to help incredible women like you unleash their potential.


Get immediate access right now for only $27 $7 !!


I want you to love this course. That’s why I’m offering a 15 day refund policy. No questions, no problem, the refund is yours. Email for your refund.

Although I hope this course gets you 5+ hours back per day, it might not if your phone addiction isn’t as bad as mine was.